Data Logger for iPhone:
Data Logger for iPhone enables you to store and graph any data of your choosing along with a timestamp and geolocation. You might use Data Logger to store electricity meter readings, to create maps of pollution or temperature sensor readings around your neighbourhood, or animal sightings around the city. You can also set up custom data feeds, with user-defined min and max values, tags, description and units.

Data Logger is available from the App Store.

Please note that Data Logger is used for precisely that; logging data, with a geolocation and a time stamp for each new data point. If you want to monitor existing Pachube feeds, please try PachubeMon.

by cburman

- Create and update new Pachube feeds using the Apple iPhone.
- Manage upto 20 simultaneous Pachube feeds.
- Geolocate and timestamp custom data.
- View 24 hour history graphs.
- Edit detailed feed metadata.

- Active internet connection whilst in use.
- Suitable for iPhone and iPod, with OS 3.0 or later.
- Pachube account. Sign-up here.