PachuRadar - A location-aware mobile application for Pachube> PachuRadar - A location-aware mobile application for Pachube"
Version: Beta 1.0b

Try to imagine the urban areas of the future. Highly crowded and massively equipped with sensors. Online sensor directories, such as Pachube will host vast amounts of sensory data. Environmental conditions such as temperature, electromagnetic fields, levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will be continously and in real-time measured by tiny little sensors, which will penetrate in our every day lives.

PachuRadar, is a mobile application that discovers, locates and interacts with services, provided by Internet-enabled sensors that are deployed in the proximity of the mobile user. These services help the mobile user be aware of the local environmental conditions. Location is the dimension that will facilitate the filtering of enormous amounts of data, collected by Web-enabled sensors that will flood the cities of the future.

The idea of PachuRadar

Proximity is defined as a circle with the user's location at the center of this circle. The user's absolute position is measured by an onboard GPS sensor. Almost all new smart phones offer location-based services. The radius of the circle ranges from some meters to hundreds of kilometers.

As soon as a mobile user performs a Search through PachuRadar, every nearby sensor inside the user-defined circle is displayed, along with basic information about its type and its exact distance from the user's current position. If the user requests more details about a specific sensor, then all the related information of that particular sensor is presented. The user has also the option of viewing historical sensory measurements of the last few days on graphs.

Since, in urban areas, a large number of sensors may exists, we included a keyword-based search, only for services of interest. For example, the mobile user may only be interested for specific physical aspects of the local external environment, such as humidity or detection of maleficent or even poisonous gases.

Step 1: Download and install the application

You can download the latest version of PachuRadar here.

You will then need to unzip the file and upload the two files, PachuRadar.jad and PachuRadar.jar on your mobile phone. Then you can install the application on your phone*, by selecting any of these two files and by following the installation instructions. You can ignore any warnings that may appear on your phone display.
* You need to check Requirements section to see whether your mobile phone is supported.
Note: This is a beta version. It uses the Pachube Geolocations API, which is an API for retrieving geolocation information for sensors registered with Pachube. Since this functionality is still in its testing phase, we release our first version of PachuRadar with some concern.

Step 2: Use the application!

Start the PachuRadar application. Make sure that the GPS module of the mobile phone is enabled otherwise you will get (0,0) coordinates. Also, in order to fully take advantage of the application, you need to have wireless Internet connectivity.
The application is divided into three main menus, namely:
Search:         Perform a search in the local area for sensors that match certain 
		criteria. Leave the Keywords area empty to receive info for 
		all the nearby sensors.
Parameters:     Set up parameters such as Radius in kilometers, GPS sampling 
		frequency and whether to include Graphs in the sensor data.	
About:          Display some general information of the application.

- Mobile phones with J2ME support and support for the JSR179 (Location API for J2ME).
- Active internet connection whilst in use.

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